Our Story

The story of two friends


We are two close friends from Uruguay, both passionate for traveling and discovering the world. By a matter of destiny we ended up living in other countries. But relationships have no borders, and even though we live apart and we have taken different paths in our lives, we keep having a strong connection, thanks to our friendship and the affection we feel for each other, but most importantly, thanks to our shared values, interests and ways of living.



How it all started


Ekeni started by the dream of one of us, many years ago as a social wool company based in Uruguay which sold clothing for women. Due to life and locational circumstances it had to be left inactive for some time. At the end of 2015, we as friends found ourselves having deep talks about how challenging it was for us to follow the path of our society standards, for one of us as a mother, for the other as a professional, and for both on our desired way of living. Our conclusion: we had to do something to see the change we desire!

Then ekeni was reinvented and reborn based on the same values that had originally created it.