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Places: Buenos Aires /// Discovering the magic of Maschwitz Market ///

Close your eyes for a moment, take a deep breath and imagine you are in Buenos Aires. It is a great, busy and never stopping city. You have already spent a few hectic days here, enjoying its great food and attractions, but you feel like you need a little bit of relax and nature… Well, I have a great plan for you. I suggest you come to Maschwitz.

When you arrive to the small and quiet town of Ingeniero Maschiwtz after turning from Panamericana highway, it feels like you suddenly enter a new dimension. You get into a world with trees, plants, singing birds, unpaved roads, humble buildings, and people walking around.

Located 45km from Capital Federal, the place is a street market and gastronomic hub scattered in Maschwitz Main Street; the area is no more than 4 blocks. It is opened from Tuesday to Sunday, all day long and offers different activities and attractions depending on the day of the week and the time of the day you visit.

This is a great choice for shopping and leisure activities in a calm and easy atmosphere outside Buenos Aires city craziness. Its philosophy and style is based on sustainability values, from the architecture, to the stores, and to the design of the place.

Besides the stores and restaurants along the main street, there are 3 commercial centers, each of them having its own style and design:

1 – Quo Container Center
From the entrance of the mall you can already appreciate its innovative design
From the entrance of the mall you can already appreciate its innovative design

The whole building is made with reused maritime containers, colorfully painted which gives a fresh style to the place. This project is the first sustainable shopping center in Argentina of its kind, and with its architecture, style and activities, it intends to promote a sustainable lifestyle. Walking around the place you will find a great variety of restaurants, services, clothing design and decor stores. Everywhere you can see art sculptures made with recycled materials. There is a playground for kids in the back which is made completely  by reusing waste materials such as tires or old wood.

2 – Paseo Mendoza
Its design is based on wood and vivid colors
Its design is based on wood and vivid colors

This is a magical place within the magic of Maschwitz, as it gives the feeling that suddenly you find yourself in a forest. The architecture of the place has an organic design and is based on wooden houses, green roofs and wide decks. The development was made by the effort of 5 families that worked very hard to make it happen. It has a very simple and warm style that combines perfectly with the stores. You can find arts, crafts, design, stones, and natural and health stores.

3 – Mercado de Maschwitz
Every inch of this space is attractive as it is full of antique details
Every inch of this space is attractive as it is full of antique details

For vintage lovers this is definitely paradise. The complete building is made with reused materials taken from demolitions and it is inspired in “La Boca” District, one of the top touristic attractions in Buenos Aires. Tin walls and roofs, antique lamps, iron windows, vintage “vitreaux” are combined to create a charming and stylish design which Argentineans are very skilled at. This place has a great variety of food, services, books and decor stores, but its mark is the huge number of antique and vintage stores, where you can buy from original antique bicycles, furniture, kids’ stuff, decoration, vintage clothing among others.

The gastronomic offer is wide and varies from traditional Argentinean “Parrilla” to organic and healthy dishes. There are also plenty of cafeterias and vegetables and grocery stores. From Thursday to Sundays it is common to find live music and shows in different spots of the town at night. There are also lots of other activities like workshops that take place during the day. For shopping lovers there are garment, home and deco bazaars, bookstores, garden and plants stores, and much more!

So, if you come to Buenos Aires, would you spend a day in Maschwitz?