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Why do you love to travel?

Passion. Wanderlust. Infinity. Freedom. Independence. Power. Adrenaline. Cultural exchange. Personal growth…

What is that pretty little thing that traveling ignites in your inner self, that thing that makes you feel so excited about it? Which emotions invade your mind and body when you leave for a new place?

In the last few years I came across several people while traveling around. I’ve found many kinds of travelers who can give me quite different answers when I ask this same question. This has not surprised me at all! Why?

Because everybody has its own personality and preferences in life. Then, this is directly reflected in the travel philosophy of people. Each of us has its own purpose for traveling and enjoys it differently.

Some people like visiting places and get involved in the local’s life and habits, seeing life in someone else’s shoes. They walk around, try to imitate what locals do, where they go, how they live, and by experiencing they can learn about the culture. Others prefer to meet new people and party around, in a more superficial way. And some others enjoy visiting outdoor places to connect with nature and do activities they can’t do at home.

When I recall all my trips, I realize that each one left a mark on my personality, and on the path I’ve taken towards the place I stand today. They have enriched me with experiences and a lot of different feelings and lessons. For me traveling is more than just moving around, it is a growing path that guides me deeper into myself.

I face each trip as part of the journey of life, and an experience that will add more flavor and meaning to my own being. This is reflected in the way I like to travel. I try to do by myself as many things I can, especially those that are truly typical and local of the place I am visiting. And it doesn’t matter to me if it is just for a weekend somewhere in my home country or for a year miles away from home, each trip is an adventure for me. The simple act of getting out of my routine and comfort and trying to get immersed into a new situation makes me feel fresh, full of freedom and liberation. Facing the unknown and leaving room to spontaneity refills my body with adrenaline. And wandering around and getting lost in a city makes me feel relaxed and in peace. I can satisfy my wanderlust.

So, what are the reasons why people love traveling?

  • Exploration 

Since we are born we get to know the world by exploring what surrounds us because we are curious, it is in our human nature. Civilizations have gone beyond boundaries to discover new places and resources. When we travel we search and we expand our knowledge of new landscapes, people, foods, other ways of living, other concepts, other points of view and new feelings. This expands our minds and helps us understand, appreciate and enjoy differently. It is an adventure, anything can happen!

  • Understand our own culture

Because when we travel we always tend to do comparisons, it is inevitable to notice and question things that are done differently from what we know. It immediately grabs our attention. Sometimes we also get to become aware when things are done the same way, and that also surprises us! This simple act of comparison, rationalization and questioning generally makes us realize interesting things about our own uses and customs and the society we are part of.

  • Find ourselves

Intentionally or not, traveling makes us take a look into ourselves and dive deep, and this is due to several reasons. We have the time! Time to think, to be with ourselves and to reflect. Realizing this can give us a new approach to facing trips and life. When we travel we must handle new situations and challenges, and we always have something to learn from every good or bad experience. In this way we can get surprised about our reactions and feel more connected to our own beings and souls gaining a lot of insight.

  • Personal growth

By facing the unknown we get challenged, and we can prove to ourselves that we can do things we believed we couldn’t. Even though it sounds like a “cliché”, traveling does open our minds in many ways. We get to address fundamental questions about ourselves, others and life. Moreover, we are more receptive to new ideas, we become more tolerant. and we are able to expand our creativity.

  • Gratefulness

When we are far away we realize how important the people in our lives are. Maybe because we just miss them we get to understand the place they have in our lives and to appreciate all we get from them. The same happens when we  realize how lucky we are to have been born in our country, because many times facing other realities can be very tough and sad. We can see the difficult situations other people in the world face everyday. Environmentally speaking it can also be heartbreaking, because we can see with our own eyes how polluted and devastated this world is. Then we become more aware of the caution and care we must have with our planet, our country and other people.

  • Freedom

Traveling can be an escape for a lot of people. Being away frees us from the society pressure,  when we are away  we don’t feel we “must fit”. We can dress, act and enjoy anyway we want, and this gives us a sense of liberation that most of the time is difficult to get back home to our regular lives. We can take our own decisions for real and be ourselves!

  • Accomplishment

Sometimes we have to do certain things and visit places to be fulfilled and to grow. Or maybe just to make a tick to our bucket list. But this accomplishment can make us feel more successful in life and that we are better persons.

  • Get filled with memories and tales

When we travel we can claim that we are part of a place, and that this place in some way belongs to us. We have been there, and then we have been part of it and it is then a part of ourselves. Meeting other people also makes the trips meaningful, because we feel a different connection. We can get very attached to people we barely know, but this is because we have been together in a particular situation. We get back home full of memories, and with a lot of tales to share with our family and friends.

What I love most from traveling is that I realized that in the end all human beings are similar, no matter our background, our culture or our believes differences. In spite of all these different interests and travel goals, there happens to be one main reason why most people love to travel. We are all in pursuit of happiness and joy, and even when those feelings come from different pleasures; we all share this same desire. And when we travel we can experience feelings and emotions that make us feel happy and joyful.

And what about you? WHY DO YOU LOVE TO TRAVEL?